See what our students enjoyed about the course.


Tahni Garo

How did you enjoy the Course?
I had a great time.  The teachers were all fantastic, and I made some new friends including one that we are planning a trip to Machu Picchu together.
Where did you complete your work experience?
I completed my work experience at Flight Centre Southgate.
Where are you working?
At Flight Centre Southgate
Advice to potential Course Candidates…
Keep up with the work load.  Try and go onthe trip.  It gives you a great insight into what an industry familiarisation trip is.


Brittany Schlitz

Before you came to Jetset….where did you work, study, travel etc?
I was a Manager at McDonalds and I had travelled around Europe, Vietnam and Thailand
What did you enjoy on the course?
I enjoyed:

  • the China Trip
  • meeting new people
  • learning about all destinations

How did your job at the end of the course come about?
Travelscene Brighton contacted the College looking for a recruit.  I forwarded my Resume, attended an interview and got a job while I was still doing the course.


Rish Kant

The things I really enjoyed about the  Course…
I really enjoyed the small interactive classes and the teachers were easy to get to know and approach
Where did you complete your work experience?
I completed it at Jetstar (and an additional placement at Emirates)
Where are you working?
At Peregrine Adventures


Amanda Parker

The things I really enjoyed about the  Course were…
The work experience was great!  I loved learning about new countries, but then all you want to do is go on holidays there.  If you want to start a career in travel this course is great.
Where did you complete your work experience?
At Jetset St Kilda Rd
Where are you working?/ How did you get your job?
I am working at Jetset St Kilda Rd.  After work experience they asked me to stay on and do a few extra days and then they asked me to stay on permanently.

The things i really enjoyed about the course were…


Ingrid Medova

The thoroughness of the subjects. The exams and the challenges we strived to meet..


Maddie Davies

Everything!! I have learnt a lot. The best part is learning about all the different places in the world, and being able to go overseas and explore the different places we have learned about.


Georgia Bubb

The China trip!!!
Meeting new friends!!
The lovely teachers!!
Learning so much about the industry.